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recent indexed version of a file . HTML TITLE Setting up Mirror Sites /TITLE BODY BGCOLOR=#ddffdd CENTER H2 Setting up Mirror Sites /H2 The following shows /CENTER importance of mirror sites for H3 If you found this file in an archive publishing of deeds then put keyword "nutteing" in a search engine of incompetance also of UK social services. to find a live / recent version /H3 A HREF=" I could not find anywhere on +mirror+sites%22&start=10&hl=en&" net a source of info on Broxtowe Files /A nitty gritty Another useful resource is of setting up internet mirror sites . That is "Wayback Machine" A HREF="" sites ,naming and shaming ,containing information exposing corruption Internet Archive /A or incompetance etc that others This facility has been trying to grab "all" from do not want published and will do their utmost to get them removed . internet. It has on permanent record the text of one of my now lost mirror sites A principal tenet of A HREF=" Peter Principle " People are promoted to /nutt3.htm" (one of their level of incompetence " files as an example ) /A most Pre-Trial Witness A HREF=" Statements and evidence 150K /A Of course you 18211925/" ( can set up a site abroad ,complete with domain name,not covered by or click on this reference if clutches of your own countries justice first does not work) /A The original story system but this can be expensive ,inconvenient and A href="" even then could be closed Oh What a Tangled Web down . I took This site was probably pulled down by my opposition but We Weave 70K /A route outlined in this file relying on followup site with nutteing2 diffuseness of instead of nutteing in COMMENT net and URL is still up and running. Unfortunately not "putting all your eggs in one basket" -and it costs nearly nothing . Internet Archive did not grab one of /COMMENT Start with just an index site somewhere that only gives the other "naming and shaming websites" before it was click-on links pulled . This was " " to key phrases on sites containing site were " most selfish man in Portsmouth " by "Cindy Chapman" important files . Nothing much at all on this site and certainly between 1999 and 2000. I never thought to "save to disk" a nothing anyone could find offensive in any shape or form . copy of her site . If they make representations to From her notification to main (contentious) site Cook Report site (British TV series) owners and get you moved off then for each one closed " Go to and this should give you down open up three other low-down on a man with whom I had a daughter, he is an sites somewhere one active, one latent with its details alcoholic, pathological liar and probably submitted to search engines most selfish man in Portsmouth. I threw him out last Feb - I as it can now take 2 months to be indexed by them and simply couldn't handle anymore of his alcohol induced then a third site totally paranoia. We had our own limited company, he set up another, moved latent just sitting there ready to be linked to at a moments notice. biggest contract over to it (55.00 per hour) and has A Couple of multiple submission sites steadfastly refused to pay us a penny. A HREF="" CSA can do nothing apart from rely on his goodwill - yeah Multiple search engine submission 1 /A right! And he didn't even buy his beautiful daughter Abbey a single Xmas present. If you want to know any more - eg how I took A HREF="" Multiple car off him, twice, because I was desperate for money, search engine submission 2 /A or why I bugged my own phone, thank god I did or we would Don't bother going to individual search engines and be homeless by now, by all means get in touch. I meet families all submitting your sites . These multi time who have similar experiences because their submission sites seem to be more successful and its ex-partners are self-employed. Most have never a lot easier . Another technique is received a penny, but I am prepared to link pages get a friend with a website/homepage ,whatever to my website with information about their ex partners. subject it doesn't matter, that has already been indexed by Eventually, as people become aware of this site, they major search engines . can check it to see if Get him to enter somewhere in some of his script person they are with is as contemptible as mine was. Cinds HTML code Cindy Chapman " < COMMENT> metascript < /COMMENT> For "metascript" put in This is a USA Today report of 03/13/2000 concerning "" URL of your files . Anything placed between these COMMENT commands will not be displayed normally on a browser "......LONDON -- If you're a wronged woman, don't cut up but it will be picked up by your man's suits to get even. It's just soooo last century. search engines and as it will not be on its database will These days, you can look to send its spider off to them Internet and express your fury to millions of people across knowing that it has got globe. info from a stable existing site - your friend's site . That's what Cindy Chapman did. You can use this 41-year-old mother of two from Hampshire, about 70 miles in your own files for burying "meta name" keywords . south of London, has devoted a Web site to Paul Hafiz, Search engines often only grab with whom she lived for seven years and who is no more than 50 of any keywords you put in father of her daughter, Abbey. metaname area of HTML code and ignores Even the remainder . Say you have a target type of profession then for site's name,, doesn't pull any punches. "metascript" find a string Under of often used words in that discipline from an banner "Is this internet "trade paper" or if a geographic target area most selfish man in Portsmouth?" Chapman gives a for your files then for detailed account of their relationship, from its "metascript" romantic origins at a pub in 1991 to caustic details use a string of names of streets from an internet of their split in February 1999. "His daughter thinks her gazateer or post code site etc or towns daddy is magic. But he couldn't care less if she lost in a county from a genealogy site etc . A lot of her home and lived in a bed and breakfast just so long as people are nosey and put their street name he can drink himself into a coma," says or town in search engines just to see what is on first page. internet concerning their neighbourhood . Chapman spent two months creating For targetting a profession site, which attributes a litany of faults to Hafiz, A HREF="" Vivisimo search from a drinking problem to a failure to financially support engine /A is useful for constructing a collection their daughter, now 6. "This whole thing was eating me up of targetted words and phrases. Go into inside," Chapman says. "I created this site as a kind of therapy." advanced section putting in a few keywords Has it worked? She says perhaps using site's worth every penny of or whatever domain to target better. On $30 she spends each month to maintain it. themed list expand all She insists "more" sections, highlight all in this pane and paste site was not born of malice, but was set up as part of to a text file . Repeat one or more times for some of her campaign to win child support. Still, even the commonly occuring keywords found in this first trawl . old joke on her answering machine may hint at an Then when sufficient abiding anger toward all men: "If they can put one man on collection of words in your text file replace all moon, why can't they put numbers and brackets rest there too?" by using wordprocessor search and replace etc. and Revenge server: Chapman's site says Paul Hafiz won't remove irrelevant their daughter. Mostly, Chapman says she has been frustrated by a Some sources of Free Host Websites usually paid for by inserting government that's been unable to garnish an advertising banner at wages of Hafiz, who works for himself. "I want to head of your files . Most but not all can be accessed internationally assist women who are in either by ftp or their browser-based file managers . same fix that I am left in," she says. "We can use power of new technology to make a stand for women." A HREF=""For his part, Hafiz has mostly remained silent. "How List of Free hosting sites 1 /A would you feel if you were featured on a Web site A HREF="" like that? I am sticking to what I always say, and List of Free hosting sites 2 /A that is to make absolutely no comment about this at all," he says. Attorneys say Hafiz could sue Chapman for libel, but he probably wouldn't win. "As long as what she says is accurate, and as long as she can prove what she says, then Chapman's site is OK," says Tom Cassels, a defamation specialist. Furthermore, he Dial-up otherwise free-host sites seem to have less says, name-calling on restrictions on file sizes and Internet is generally acceptable under British law. file types etc . If using According to various Internet companies, a site that is ones in your own country be prepared to up and move site overly abusive can be removed. But sites generally are not because of monitored. Someone would have to call activities of your opponents . Perhaps find someone abuse to in a similar position companies' attention. in a foreign country and make a mutual pact to place Chapman's site has gotten plenty of reaction. each others files on their In one recent week alone, she received more than own countries dial up hosting sites. Remember 300 e-mails. "Most of them are very supportive and are to dial them up a couple of times from women who've had similar experiences," she says.........." a month and relay a few files just to keep some money rolling in to them or An example of they will close you down for that reason power of If you find your site closes down but Internet Archive - spot host is still fuctioning they won't difference between necessarily inform you that you have transgressed A HREF=" their "unacceptable use " policy . 130/" this file grabbed in June 2001 /A Give it a few days and start a new site on and what same host with a slightly changed sitename/user name/password . current file contents are A HREF=" Then email" currently host saying you cannot access your first site but downloadable /A otherwise same file name on tell them you can access your same US military site . second site . The bit where there is now mission statement crap in third paragraph originally contained details of his "stewardship" of Quote from a host who closed down my first site with them but kept open Enron Corporation exactly A HREF="" some related same but slightly renamed second site with them. material to this file /A "Your web site is in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. Specifically, your page contained material or content that is racist or A HREF="" Fiona Mont a otherwise offensive to others, including content which aggravates, site that will probably soon not be active but is otherwise available harasses, threatens, defames, or abuses others. If you have any on questions, you may refer to our Acceptable Use Policy located at ......" Internet Archive /A If they email back saying you have gone against their accepatable use Some Cross-links to other UK naming and shaming web sites but don't close down your second site with them then A it is probably due to your href="" opponents making representations to them rather Hounded and Grounded Flying Vet /A than a strict self-monitoring of their site . Your opponents have to specify precise details of Exposure of bullying in a Kent hospital A actual files not a blanket request not to host files in href="" Kent future institutionalised bullying /A coming from yourself . Update of April 2002 opposition have just had another of my sites closed down so a matter of opening up 3 more sites - The following is a link to I see a geometric progression another David versus Goliath battle ,this time developing . with Dorset County Council,Social Services A href="" 3 Families /A Some hosts ignore such requests from individuals if your files are in A HREF=" public interest then only respond when there is actual legal htoday/eye/archive/011004.shtml" representations . Another David v. Goliath Story from Dorset /A It would be nice to see a list differentiating these types of host. Put a word like corruption and the hosts part-domain name in some search engines to see how many possibly contentious files are held on your intended hosts site and try and A guage how long they have been there . href="" Change Gordon Warren Story of corruption within links (on your index site) to the Metropolitan Police oddly from an inside source /A new site and off you go . Incidently keep And another similar but more general site same filenames A to your set of files just change href="" Police name of corruption from inside sources /A site they sit on . Then if you have counters etc you just put A href="" Reports of URL of an empty non-file on your primary index site in corruption in UK officialdom /A call-up code of To access this site now you have to go to counter otherwise you have to keep changing this bit of your files for Internet Archive A HREF="" each new site. Include somewhere in each of your files a Internet Archive /A and type in unique keyword and make mention of it so that anyone finding a file in an archive can put just this keyword in a search engine to find your active sites . In my HR case my surname "nutteing" makes an almost unique keyword. Paul Nutteing Remember Google Anyone wishing to pass on any of their own search engine will keep any of your defunct files in its experiences or any comments or tips archive so still indexed and then please email me . available to anyone clicking on archive source rather than H3 A HREF="" topline, now invalid ,email Paul Nutteing /A /H3 URL . second time its spider accesses your now vanished file it will drop text sample . H3 "News is something someone is I suppose eventually even trying to hide, everything else is just Google index of this file would be dropped . But it is advertising" - either variously acredited to time after William Randolph Hearst or Viscount Northcliffe 1865-1922 /H3 first non-appearance that is important one as it gives time to submit other sites If you have found this file in an archive and have them grabbed by then put keyword of "nutteing" in a search engine to search engines. Incidently Google is probably find an updated version . best general search engine but is poor for wildcard ( * ) searches. Altavista is Continuation good for wildcard , and indexed numbers ,and has of useful sorry tale A href=" non-standard Boolean search operator NEAR . " The Saga Vivisimo (meta-search) is good for its classifying before Continues /A sending back to you and also supports All NEAR operator in its advance search. MSN and Hotbot and AOL actual witness statements for are good for trial can be found by clicking speed at which they come around to previously indexed files for here A href="" REURN PATH TO OTHER SITE A href="" Other site /A PRE META content=" Setting up Mirror Sites " name=description META content=" mirror site, mirror, mirror sites, off shore, backup, injunction, cease and desist, close down, overseas, legal jurisdiction, parallel, echo, site, duplicate, contentious, copy, abroad, publicity, publish, put up or shut up, anti corruption, outside, beyond, reach, public domain, libel, slander, defamation, propagation, public, exposure, freedom of information, dispute, people, search, private, unacceptable use, offensive, investigation, perjury, conspiracy, pathalogical, lying, social, work , protection, harrasment , 1997, injustice, whistleblower, corrupt, corruption, malicious, prosecution, intrigue, manipulative, lying, denial, deception, frame-up, disunity, disunion, split, schism, feud, vendetta, spat, altercation, loggerheads, divisive, litigious, bellicose, miscarriage, transgression, tort, offence, misdemeanour, misfeasance, " name=keywords misdemeanour, misfeasance,