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kick question ought testimony and hard evidence than uncorroborated know hearsay. However many people keep door . Before it repeating police arrive amounts same nonsense hearsay emanating from such breaks a load harassment a tainted source does another if a reasonable person not make it evidence. glass possession Paul has done nothing wrong let alone disappears . All illegal. His actions have been no monitored different to what junk mailers do perfectly 2 independent local witnesses . same information legally to millions of people daily. think His inoffensive and informative letters were course accepted happily by everyone. them challenges conduct amounted Any "mental anguish" that you lot have as whether harassment played up is purely a result of that corrupt and dangerous mother of yours trying to broken maintain a fiction over windows other . "May I hereby appologise which origins of your brother. I've been told to say- reply As soon as a real Batman, fighting corruption, comes along you side with yes readers Cat Woman. Nigel then some unintellible gibberish . whole saga who felt Dear Paul, now justifiably cautious about themselves I sympathise with you and with everything being a named witness,concerned about revenge from you have had to endure. "not right harassed I find myself in a similar predicament. More often than not, reading it. Police head" and legal system only worsen window smasher . So now criminal damage Update on 9 August 2000 problem. cost 940 so I make a statement At I have been arrested and have received a end Solicitors letter warning, for complaint May at work I received another suspicious call . These people Harassement. Only because misrepresenting themselves obviosly am trying to have contact with my 2 year police. daughter. My ex. is preventing access and I happen idea forcing me to go through a know someone who Solicitor, without good cause. a counsellor for normal calls I receive (A spiteful act only) Her 18 yr old son to Samaritans on another man apparently pulls asked phone line. her strings. Your description of Stella is for some advice . person from what they called "Army Special Projects" uncanny and very similar to activity makes what my ex. Best Wishes, rational otherwise a reasonable request for information -,England I refuse often a "cry for help" to divulge prior suicide . So now I send a letter detailing everything receiver down . From phones back extremely indignant etc flying vet employer . Well I woould be greatful if my site is linked with yours family won't I now know when I smell a rat . I asked if they were aware asap as there is a serious deterioration in my works address standards within court. treated so perhaps and people should be warned!!!!! line manager they did . I told happy new year mjk Social Services can start whatever necessary . At least he acknowledged saying "the contents complaint from my letter writing Many thanks for your email and for been noted". tip over pdf files! On June 6th at work I receive a phone call asking for me slammed I suggest - in your circumstances - you take a look at exact personal phone following site; name . down on me . If anyone just does aware occur unless I a company I was looking at and saw your asked someone government facility message regarding a story of phone me at work strange goings-on in Salisbury. name I What's it all about? I'm a trainee reply would journalist who's on some personal matter,perhaps once a year . interested look-out for stories around Salisbury. Could you caller hear . help? course identify such complaint themselves so I don't confirm my identity . forthcoming. call U R a f**king nutcase ...JC Tattersall at about time Sheila made statement Remind me not to go agin ye..........GC Wiltshire Police about my indirect "harassment" . WPC who phoned me from Wiltshire I feel privileged to have to have read your true crime story. Cant help but wonder what tell me final chapter will be ,V ,Montreal sounded suspiciosly like person from "Army Special Projects". On interesting.... and nice to see 27 May Carol accompanies Sheila net used in this way.... my new local,Sheila see "husband" families of portland have parallels to your case... keep up known good work.............B change . comes over me HR says COMMENT has a few things ashley ,avon ,ayleswade ,balmoral ,barrington ,beatrice ,bedford ,bedwin , say . I belle vue ,bingham ,bishopdown ,bourne ,bouverie ,south ,north ,west ,east ,brambles ,bridge , tell britford ,brown ,brunel ,burcombe ,burford ,carmelite ,castle ,cathedral ,catherine ,cherry orchard ,cheverell , loudly so church ,churchfields ,churchill ,way ,close ,coldharbour ,coombe ,cornwall ,coronation ,crane ,crow , devizes ,devonshire ,dews ,donaldson ,down ,view ,downsway ,duck ,elm ,grove ,endless ,essex ,empire , plenty estcourt ,exeter ,fairfield ,fisherton ,fotherby ,fowlers ,friary ,gainsborough ,close ,gigant ,glenmore , witnesses "put anything you goringe ,greenwood ,hamilton ,harnham ,saint ,marks ,harnwood ,harper ,hathaway ,high ,highbury , highland ,highlands ,hill ,hillside ,hilltop ,hollows ,hudson ,hulse ,ivy ,place ,kelsey ,king ,kingsland , say kingsway ,laverstock ,london ,lower ,manor ,mayfair ,meadow ,middle ,milford ,mill ,minster , in writing" . I moved from my seat moberly ,montague ,montgomery ,gardens ,moot ,wilts ,wiltshire ,napier ,nadder ,nelson ,netherhampton , norfolk ,odstock ,blandford ,old ,george ,mall ,sarum ,olivier ,orchard ,park ,parsonage ,green , persued me pauls ,dene ,pembroke ,pinewood ,potters ,pound ,primrose ,princes ,priory ,pullman ,queen , I went down alexandra ,queens ,queensberry ,quidhampton ,rambridge ,rampart ,drive ,randalls ,croft ,rawlence , other red ,house ,ridgeway ,riverbourne ,riverside ,roberts ,rollestone ,roman ,rosemary ,russell ,andrews , end,finished my pint,and left clements ,edmunds ,francis ,georges ,james ,johns ,martyns ,martins ,marys ,michaels ,nicholas , pub early . When will peters ,thomas ,salt ,seth ,ward ,shady ,bower ,shaftsbury ,shakespeare ,silver ,somerset ,salisbury , evil bitch get it southampton ,stanley ,little ,station ,stock ,stockbridge ,stoford ,stratford ,sub castle ,sunnyhill , into sutton ,thistlebarrow ,tollgate ,tournament ,triangle ,trinity ,tisbury ,fovant ,tisbury ,ugford , thick head upper ,lower ,folly ,valley ,vanessa ,vicarage ,rectory ,victoria ,wain-a-long ,virginia ,wardour , too many lies warminster ,newton ,stapleford ,water ,watergate ,waterloo ,ditchampton ,bulford ,amesbury , come out watt ,wellington ,wessex ,dean ,wake ,tytherley ,winterbourne ,gunner ,earls ,gomeldon , winterslow ,woodyates ,western ,westfield ,field ,eastern ,northern ,southern ,weston ,westwood , mouth for me white ,whiteparish ,wick ,willow ,willows ,wilson ,burcombe ,winchester ,winding ,windsor ,flats , take windmill ,lodge ,stoke ,porton ,wishford ,witherington ,woodland ,wood ,woods ,wyndham, york any notice road ,street ,lane ,avenue ,salisbury ,downton ,amesbury ,wilton ,petersfinger,bemerton ,ford anything /COMMENT may say . About A HREF="" /A hour later The following refers to bitch starts kicking medical research that hell out did. This relates to my front door . I dial 999 a condition that certainly affected one member of family and maybe a few dark others so not known whether genetic. Its a shame this medical knowledge was not while on known to our family decades ago as it would have ameliorated some family phone problems but at least future generations are now aware. Details of this research which does have some stuff of general interest on how a layman can do medical tries keys research using internet and published medical technical journals is on lock A HREF="" Dyschondrosteosis /A a credit card slid down Yale catch . I tell PRE META content="And Now For Something Completely Different." name=description META content=" double, paternity, dispute, people, search, private, investigation, perjury, conspiracy, pathalogical, lying, MPD, DID, MPS, Multiple Personality Disorder, police paul, nutteing ,social, work ,book, publication, protection, harassment, harrasment , 1997, injustice, whistleblower, corrupt, corruption, malicious, prosecution, intrigue, manipulation, nutting, frame-up, folie a deux,lying, denial, deception